Summer Tunes: Fleet Foxes & Florence and The Machine

It’s time I get back to my not-very-special specialty: reviewing.

I can’t say I have a really good music taste or whatever. I rarely spend time exploring new music because I love my library too much already and I’m too lazy for it. But every once in a while I’ll accidentally found new music to obsess over for a few months or so. Lately I haven’t been listening to anything other than two albums: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful by Florence and the Machine, and Fleet Foxes’ self-titled album. I even made a playlist on my phone that only contains these two beautiful gems.

They might have a lot of winter elements in them than summer, but screw it, I came across these on a sad warm summer night, therefore I declare these summer records.


I found out Florence and the Machine around last year from their hit songs Shake It Out and No Light, No Light. Their previous album, Ceremonials, was the one that really caught me. Florence has her soul poured out in every of her song, something that kind of stays with you. It was grandeur, over-the-top, an eclectic mix of church choirs and tribal sounds. In a word, otherworldly. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful was a bit different. It still got her old sounds, but the purpose was no longer to create something big. This time, she aims for honesty. It lays her emotions bare for us all to see: she releases her anger completely on tracks like What Kind of Man, showing her delicate side on St Jude and Long & Lost, and accepting her fears and weakness on Third Eye, Hiding, and Delilah.

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