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Lifestyle Articles for MANUAL Jakarta (2023)

Ruang Jeda untuk Memungut, Mengumpulkan, dan Menjahit Fragmen Keseharian. Exhibition curatorial text for Betwixt and Between II: Dari Keseharian untuk Hal Lainnya, co-written with Eliesta Handitya. 2023.

Semua Barang yang Nikmat Dipandang Mata, Aspek Rasio, 2022. A critique on Arifin C. Noer’s Suci Sang Primadona (1977).

The Future of Attention: Inside Locarno’s Ambitious 24-Hour Talk, MUBI Notebook, 2022.

Director Jeff Rutherford on His Feature Debut, Locarno Player ’A Perfect Day for Caribou’. Variety, 2022. In collaboration with Aiman Rizvi and Laura Staab as a part of Locarno Critics Academy 2022.

In Pursuit of the Flesh, photogénie, 2022. A critique on Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Written as a part of Issue #14: In Absentia. Available in English.

Dari Layar ke Layar: Sebuah Upaya Mengganggu Otoritas Tunggal, Forum Lenteng, 2022. Writen as a book chapter in PARTISAN: Teks-teks pada Otty Widasari.

Contesting the Invisible Powers, Kultursinema, 2022. Written as a book chapter in Harimau Tjampa. Available in English.

Politics of Care in You and I, Jurnal Footage, 2021. In consideration for the nominees of Best Film Critique category in Festival Film Indonesia 2021. Available in English.

Abschied von Gestern: Expressing Yesterday in the Present, Goethe-Institut Indonesien, 2021 Written as a companion essay for Goethe-Institut Arthouse Cinema 2021 program. Available in English.

Perdagangan dan Wanita dalam Amor dan Humor, Jurnal Footage, 2021

Membedah Tubuh Kota dalam Playtime, Jurnal Footage, 2020

Ajantrik dan Refleksi Kaca Spion, Jurnal Footage, 2020

The Courage to Leap and Imagine Dinosaurs,, 2020. Available in English.

Watching the Crash from the Thirdpersonpointofview,, 2020. Written as a companion essay for Raras Umaratih’s Solo Exhibition “Melihat Dokumen-Dokumen Hitam Putih”. Available in English

Estetika Tubuh: Objektifikasi yang Subjektif, 69 Performance Club, 2019

Orang Dalam: Meiske Taurisia, Membangun Keberlangsungan Film Indonesia, Arisan! (vol. 1) 2019

Shoplifters (2018): Memperlihatkan yang Tak Terlihat, Our Home in the Dark, 2019

On Action and Reaction, ARKIPEL homoludens catalogue, 2018. Written as a program introduction for Special Screening Milisifilem Hitam Putih. Available in English.

art project

Betwixt and Between II: Dari Keseharian untuk Hal Lainnya
A group exhibition, co-curator with Eliesta Handitya.

Otty Widasari Solo Exhibition “Partisan”
Cetak (2022), a durational performance as a part of Partisan Performance On Progress.

Rotten TV – “Yogyakarta Satellite”, Metaphorical site #1 “LAND”
Best Before (2021) a video performance produced in residency with Cemeti Institute for Art and Society, Yogyakarta, October 25 – November 10, 2021.

Terrakota Batujaya (to be released) credited as scriptwriter. A film produced by Candikala, Forum Lenteng.
Terracotta Connection (Pilot Project): Silsilah Tanah, exhibited October 11 – December 5, 2021 as a part of Terracotta Triennale by Jatiwangi art Factory, Majalengka.

Ambangan. Presented March 13 – 21, 2020 at Cemeti Institute for Art and Society, Yogyakarta.

Kultursinema #6: Gelora Indonesia exhibited August 18 – 25, 2019 at Museum Nasional Jakarta.
Kultursinema #7: Harimau Tjampa (ongoing)

journal article and symposium

Emancipation of Women’s History through Subject’s Signification: Julia Kristeva’s Semanalysis Study towards “Dunia Wanita” Artwork, final paper to fulfill the qualifications for my undergraduate degree (available by request).

Film Collective as a Medium to Search for Identity, presented at Forum Festival ARKIPEL 2018 homoludens di Panel 4: “Peran Komunitas dalam Menentukan Bahasa Sinema Kita” – available in English


Terrakota Batujaya (2022) credited as scriptwriter. Produced by Candikala, Forum Lenteng.

Aksi-Reaksi (2018) credited as realisator with Mia Aulia and Wahyu Budiman Dasta. Produced by Milisifilem Collective, Forum Lenteng.


Brawijaya Film Festival (2022) as a speaker for post-screening discussions of Amor dan Humor (1961) and Suci Sang Primadona (1977)

Museum Macan (2022) as a speaker for “Babad Tanah Terrakota: Legenda Batujaya” discussion with Luthfan Nur Rochman.

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