Dini Adanurani is an independent art and film researcher based in Jakarta. Besides writing criticisms, her practice expands to installations, videomaking, and performance art. She graduated from Universitas Indonesia with a bachelor degree on Philosophy Studies. She received her bachelor degree in Philosophy from Universitas Indonesia in 2020, and she was involved in organizing film festivals such as UI Film Festival and in ARKIPEL – Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival. In her work with Forum Lenteng, she delved into Indonesian film archive, Javanese temples, and everyday narratives. She is currently working on Aspek Rasio, a screen culture criticism platform.

She is an alumni of Locarno Critics Academy 2022. Her article “Kasih yang Politis dalam You and I (Politics of Care in You and I) was one of the fifteen works of film critique to be considered as the nominee of Best Film Critique category in Festival Film Indonesia 2021. Her writings attempt to dissect and reflect films, visual arts in general, or everyday experiences into a larger social context. Recurring themes in her works are subjectivity, the formation of meaning, and small histories. More on her works here.